We look forward to seeing you in 2022
at the Sagamore Hotel
May 4-6, 2022

NYCOM's Annual Meeting and Training School provides an opportunity for Mayors, Managers, Trustees, Council Members, Attorneys, Finance Officers and Clerks to network with peers from other communities and attend a variety of sessions covering both the essential information and skills that every local official needs, as well as some of the more timely and innovative topics. This meeting also features the election of NYCOM’s officers for the upcoming year.

Thank you for attending our 2021 Annual Meeting and using our Whova Meeting App:

Information will remain on the Whova app, including handouts and community discussions. We will keep the event information (e.g., agenda, handouts, expo info) for 3 months on your desktop and 6 months on your mobile device. However, your contacts, messages, and scanned cards will not be removed. (Whova login required)

You can continue to use the Whova app to keep in touch with fellow attendees. You can follow up with the people you met or those you couldn't connect with during the event through the in-app messages, e-business card requests, and Bulletin Board posts. (Whova login required)