"President Biden signed into law the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA) of 2021 and The Inflation Reduction Act (“IRA”) of 2022. 

The IRA authorizes investments inenergy security, climate change, and expands the Affordable Care Act through 2025. The IIJA includes $550 billion in new federal investments in America’s infrastructure. Both federal programs offer cities and villages the opportunity to access a multitude of new and increased infrastructure funding. New York communities have lists of urgently overdue infrastructure projects – including transportation networks, water systems, and broadband capabilities – and our local governments are ready to rebuild with renewed federal support behind us.

The following is a set of resources to assist city and village leaders in understanding the ways in which the IIJA and the IRA are applicable to their communities and how to begin preparing to access these critically important programs of federal funding." 


Mega: $1 billion of FY 2022 funding for the National Infrastructure Project Assistance grants program, known as the Mega Grants program;
INFRA: Approximately $1.55 billion in FY 2022 funding to be made available for the Nationally Significant Multimodal Freight and Highways Projects grants program, known as INFRA; and
Rural: $300 million in FY 2022 funding for the Rural Surface Transportation Grant program, known as Rural.


NYCOM Staff Contact for IIJA Inquiries:

  • Barbara Van Epps

    NYCOM Executive Director
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