One of NYCOM's key missions is to represent the interests of cities and villages with the Governor's office and the State Legislature. To facilitate this process, NYCOM annually develops its Legislative Program, a document which outlines our legislative priorities for the year. While NYCOM advocates for and against hundreds of bills each legislative session, our Legislative Program represents our membership's position on key issues of interest to city and village officials.

The development of our Legislative Program occurs each fall at NYCOM's Legislative Priorities Meeting when city and village members meet to discuss and prioritize legislative issues for the ensuing legislative session. Following a discussion of specific policy issues, the members in attendance vote on the top priorities for the upcoming year.

2023 Priorities


1. Increase State Aid to Cities and Villages
2. Provide Dedicated Funding for Local Water and Sewer Infrastructure
3. Increase Highway Funding
4. Remove the Tax Cap's Disincentives for Economic Growth

Employee Relations and Public Safety

1. Reform the Civil Service Law
2. Allow Public Safety Considerations in Bail Determinations
3. Support Funding for New York's EMS Service Providers

Government Operations and Community Redevelopment

1. Enhance Tools to Address Vacant, Distressed and Abandoned Property
2. Create Financial Incentives to Revitalize Properties
3. Limit the Application and Cost of the Prevailing Wage Mandate

Energy, Environment and Technology

1. Promote Sustainability and Alternative Energy Resources
2. Invest in Electronic Waste Recycling
3. Ensure Broadband Access and Accountability