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Next Grant Round Delivers on Governor Hochul’s Clean Water Funding Commitment and Launches Initiatives Announced at 2024 State of the State Address.

New York State Environmental Facilities Corporation President & CEO Maureen A. Coleman today announced the application period is open for $325 million in State grants for critical water infrastructure projects. The next round of the Water Infrastructure Improvement and Intermunicipal Grant programs delivers on Governor Kathy Hochul’s clean water funding commitments announced in her 2024 State of the State address, which include a series of changes that benefit small, rural, and disadvantaged communities. This infusion of funds will continue to help make water infrastructure investments more affordable for local governments, strengthen resiliency, protect drinking water, and create jobs in the manufacturing, engineering, construction, plant operations, and related industry sectors.

“State water grants are an essential element of Governor Hochul’s comprehensive efforts to modernize aging infrastructure and uphold New Yorkers’ rights to safe drinking water and a clean, healthy environment,” President & CEO Coleman said. “These investments will help communities undertake vital projects that safeguard public health, protect our abundant natural resources, and bolster local economies.”

Complete eligibility information and application materials are available on EFC’s website at, where local governments may also register for a March 4 webinar to learn more about this round of funding and how to apply. Please check the website for dates of any additional webinars or other information that may be posted. Grant applications and required supporting documentation must be submitted by 5 p.m. on June 14.

This round boasts improvements announced as part of Governor Hochul’s 2024 State of the State address to benefit rural and disadvantaged communities, including:

Additional benefits for rural communities. Even with extensive financial support from the State, some municipalities are left passing a large financial burden to their ratepayers. To alleviate this burden on small, rural, and disadvantaged communities, EFC is increasing awards from 25% to 50% for these communities with large projects that will overburden ratepayers. This change will support smaller communities, which often struggle with accessing clean water grants and delivering affordable projects.

Expanding community resources to ensure equitable access to funding opportunities. Small, rural, and disadvantaged communities are particularly impacted by deteriorating water infrastructure, and often do not possess the resources and capacity necessary to advance a project for infrastructure improvement. Governor Hochul is expanding EFC’s Community Assistance Teams program that launched in 2023 to provide essential support for updating New York’s critical water infrastructure. The teams are ready to engage with any community that needs help with its water infrastructure. Communities can request a meeting, register for upcoming webinars, and learn more at

Protecting drinking water. Continuing New York’s national leadership on addressing the threat of PFAS, Governor Hochul is increasing awards for certain emerging contaminant projects from 60% to 70% of net eligible project costs.




Cyber Awareness Webinar: Empowering Municipal Teams (2-21-24) 11:00 a.m.

This webinar will offer a tailored exploration of essential cybersecurity practices for municipal staff. Key topics covered

  • Recognizing common threats
  • Safe online practices,
  • Importance of safeguarding sensitive information

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  • A Virtual CISO, Training Coordinator
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One-on-One Consultations (Ongoing)

We are excited to kickstart our exclusive One-on-One Consultation service. Elisabeth Dubois, NYMIR’s Cybersecurity Risk Specialist will reach out to you in advance of your renewal, typically 2-3 months prior, to schedule a personalized meeting. During this consultation, you'll have the opportunity to:

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NYCOM Elected Officials Academy

NYCOM Elected Officials Academy

The Elected Officials Academy (EOA) is NYCOM’s two-tiered program that facilitates and recognizes the educational and leadership accomplishments of elected city and village officials.

There is no question that New York’s municipal officials are facing serious challenges in their leadership roles -- how to do more with less money, and how to govern through these fiscal times while maintaining a positive outlook and move your community forward. Your efforts to lead in these trying times are more important than ever before and need to be recognized. NYCOM’s new Elected Officials Academy is designed to respond to the current problems you face, and offers expanded educational opportunities for elected officials. A broad array of programming is offered to mayors, councilmembers, trustees and elected administrative officials as an opportunity to expand your knowledge and expertise. All elected officials from NYCOM’s member cities and villages are invited to participate.

By successfully completing both levels of the Academy, you will be recognized by NYCOM for your achievement. Of even greater importance is the fact that your community will benefit from the education and experience you gain. Your acceptance of the challenge of learning will better equip you to fulfill the important responsibility of public service. You will be able to demonstrate to your community and peers the leadership competence necessary to carry out your duties as an elected municipal official.

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