New to NYCOM?

If you're a new city or village official, NYCOM has a variety of resources to help you get off to the right start with information on every aspect of government operations, including municipal finance, economic development, ethics, open meetings, and much more.

Publications and Directories

NYCOM's Handbook for City Officials and Handbook for Village Officials are comprehensive guidebooks for local officials that include information on a variety of topics all in one place. Each chapter covers a specific subject related to city and village operations to ensure you have a basic understanding of those municipal issues of greatest importance to what you do.  NYCOM also produces a variety of publications which provide a more in-depth understanding of specific issues, processes and procedures.  NYCOM's City and Village Directory includes contact information for New York's cities and villages, including links to their websites where you can find additional information posted by the municipalities themselves, including contact information for municipal staff and services.

Inquiry Service

One of the most valuable services NYCOM offers is our legal and financial inquiry service.  Each year NYCOM staff handle thousands of phone calls and emails from NYCOM members, answering legal and technical queries.  The role of NYCOM’s attorneys is to answer general municipal law questions for city/village officials and serve as a professional resource for your municipal attorney.  Every local official should consult with their own city/village attorney on specific legal issues because their attorneys are most familiar with your municipality's local legislation and circumstances, and they directly represent the city/village in legal matters.

Legislative Advocacy

One of NYCOMs primary responsibilities is to advocate for the priorities of New York cities and villages at the state and federal level.  You can use the NYCOM website to find out who your legislators are as well as to learn about NYCOM's policy platform.  You are encouraged to visit our online Advocacy Updates to stay on top of legislation that the NYCOM staff is tracking during a particular legislative session.

NYCOM Training

NYCOM offers a multitude of training opportunities with four major conferences as well as a variety of regional workshops and webinars throughout the year, with professional certification and education credits available at most of these events.

NYCOM Partnership Programs

NYCOM offers a number of programs that help cities and villages cooperatively and efficiently procure insurance and other goods and services.  If your community doesn't yet participate, please contact us for more information.