Inspire Community Leadership Conference (2017 LGAA)

City of Geneva
County: Ontario County
Population: 10,001 to 50,000
City Hall: (315) 789-2603

Geneva’s Office of Neighborhood Initiatives developed the Inspire Community Leadership Conference. The program was conducted over an afternoon in the fall of 2016 and drew approximately 100 attendees. Featuring a traditional conference format at a neighborhood scale, the conference opened with an exhibition hall featuring information tables from neighborhood associations and city departments, as well as an opportunity for attendees to meet with their Councilmember.

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Whitney Point Reddit AMA (2017 LGAA)

Village of Whitney Point
County: Broome County
Population: Less than 5,000
Village Hall: (607) 692-4907

This program engages residents on a new level to communicate initiatives and important information, facilitate feedback, respond to concerns of residents, and more. It has drastically expanded the use of social media, which has earned the recognition of many of the residents who enjoy the responsiveness that have been demonstrated. The strategy of expanding community engagement was taken a step further by hosting a Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything). The objective was to discuss village government on a new platform to help people gain a better understanding of where their tax money is going, what major developments the Village of Whitney Point is working on and why they are important to the community.

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Neighbors for Neighbors (2017 LGAA)

Village of East Hills
County: Nassau County
Population: 5,000 to 10,000
Village Hall: (516) 621-5600

A new East Hills Village Committee was created and members appointed to respond to the urgent needs of residents, particularly those aged and handicapped. With the formation and the appointment of committee members in 2017, the program "Neighbors for Neighbors" was officially born.

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Holiday Decorating Program (2017 LGAA)

Village of Granville (Winner)
County: Washington County
Population: Less than 5, 000
Village Hall: (518) 642-2640

The Village of Granville was approached by the local Chamber of Commerce approximately six years ago to form a partnership in decorating their community for the holidays. Over the years, the decorating efforts have grown exponentially, from 20,000 lights to more than 100,000 in the village. The village also co-sponsors the show in Veterans Park where 30,000 lights dance synchronized to holiday music. The lighting generally draws 2,500-3,000 patrons and nightly shows broadcast on FM station 89.3 to allow constituents to view the show from the comfort of their vehicles. Restaurants, bars and retailers report two-three times normal business on the night of the event.

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Renovation of Wohseepee Park Cabin (LGAA 2018)

Village of Brightwaters
County: Suffolk County
Population: Less than 5,000
Village Hall: (631) 665-1280

The Village of Brightwaters has a population of just over 3,000. However, the Village displayed a strong sense of community to touch-up its beloved Wohseepee Park Cabin. The Cabin was created in Wohseepee Park in 1926 by volunteers as a meeting and recreational place for the village children. Serving as a testament for the Village’s sense of community, Mayor John J. Valdini launched another volunteer effort to renovate the Cabin. Consisting of volunteer contractors, electricians, and plumbers – supplemented by local donations – Brightwaters was able to renovate its treasured Cabin at no cost to the Village. The new Cabin is expected to be used considerably, with summer camps, community meetings, and veteran breakfast all scheduled as occupants. As remarked by Mayor Valdini on the success of generating a volunteer effort, it truly takes a village!

It Starts With Me Phase I: Recycling Initiative (2014 LGAA)

City of Schenectady
County: Schenectady County
Population: 50,000 +
City Hall: (518) 382-5000

The "It Starts With Me" marketing campaign was designed to educate the community on the value of supporting citywide initiatives.

Phase I of the campaign was to educate children, families and local citizens on the "Green & Economic" benefits of recycling. Community recycling efforts in the City have decreased, therefore, a goal of 30% (minimum) recycling was established for the City – a $350,000 in savings.

The City felt that the "It Starts With Me" message being delivered by local children would have a huge influence on other children, parents and community members recycling habits. The campaign message was delivered to the community via social media outlets, local broadcast, cable and public access TV, local mass transit billboards, a direct-to-home recycling flyer and the "It Starts With Me" imagery added to municipal sanitation vehicles.

All viable traditional, electronic and digital outlets were utilized for getting the message out across all communities regardless of income level or access to public or paid media.

The City partnered with a Schenectady based advertising agency "Creating Why Media," local schools and students, and area businesses.


ALLbany Online (2013 LGAA)

City of Albany (Winner)
County: Albany County
Population: 50,000+
City Hall: (518) 434-5100

ALLbany Online is a program developed by the City of Albany and a coalition of for-profit and community-based organizations in order to address issues of high poverty and unemployment in the City. The program focuses on narrowing the "digital divide" and helping unemployed citizens work toward job readiness. Through this innovative partnership, City residents can receive free digital literacy and online job skills training at a variety of Community Technology Centers; free wireless Internet in parts of the City with limited Internet access; and low-cost, WiFi-enabled computers.

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Culinary Training Program (2011 LGAA)

City of White Plains (Winner)
County: Westchester County
Population: 50,000 +
City Hall: (914) 422-1378

The "White Plains Works: Culinary Training Program" was developed to build and sustain a stronger City of White Plains and create economic opportunities through a natural partnership among the robust downtown restaurant and culinary industry with culinary job training and development for low-income, unskilled, out-of-school youth. The White Plains hospitality industry is rapidly growing and a natural match for workforce development was apparent.

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Visitor Center (2010 LGAA)

Village of Lake George
County: Warren County
Population: Less than 5,000
Village Hall: (518) 668-5771

While Lake George Village is the hub of an entire resort area, there was no facility convenient to visitors to obtain information on events, history attractions and businesses. The Village also lacked adequate restroom facilities and the ability to explain to the public the value of the lake and the environment.

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Canton Fire Station (2003 LGAA)

Village of Canton (Winner)
County: St. Lawrence County
Population: 5,000 to 10,000
Village Hall: (315) 386-2851

The fundraising efforts of the Village of Canton to erect their new Fire Station were not only innovative, but saved the community a tremendous amount of tax dollars. In order to accommodate an increase in the amount of equipment needed to maximize protection, the Village Board formally recommended that the fire station be rebuilt in a new loca¡tion.

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We Care RVC Fund (2002 LGAA)

Village of Rockville Centre (Winner)
County: Nassau County
Population: 10,001 to 50,000
Village Hall: (516) 678-9300

The Village of Rockville Centre was hit especially hard by the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001. The Village identified at least 36 people who lost their lives that day who were current or former residents. There was a need and a desire to do something extraordinary in response to those sudden, brutal, and unprece¡dented losses.

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Flower City Looking Good! (2001 LGAA)

City of Rochester (Winner)
County: Monroe County
Population: 50,000 +
City Hall: (585) 428-7045

The City of Rochester's Flower City Looking Good Initiative was an innovative volunteer-based community involve¡ment program with more than 40 components. The program focused on neighborhood renewal through gardening and environmental stewardship. During the year 2000, the program celebrated its 10th year of accomplishments.

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