NYCOM's Legislative Action Center provides you with timely information on various bills affecting local governments, especially between the months of January and June when the State Legislature is in session. Here you can see the bill language, obtain the current status of the bill, and view NYCOM's memorandum in support or opposition.

  • Community Revitalization
    bill# title position
    S. 00399NYS Transportation PlanSupport
    S. 04662Redevelopment Tax IncentiveSupport
    A. 04977Redevelopment Tax IncentiveSupport
  • Energy and Environment
    bill# title position
    A. 05028-AExpands the Bottle BillSupport
    A. 06664Mandates Municipal CompostingOppose
  • Employee Relations
    bill# title position
    A. 01092Waiver of Sovereign ImmunityOppose
    S. 01408-AAuthorization to Join County Self-Insured Health PlanSupport
    A. 03460Expands Paid Leave for Cancer ScreeningOppose
    A. 07352Volunteer Firefighter Benefit LawOppose
    A. 07427Mutual Aid ReimbursementSupport
  • Finance
    bill# title position
    A. 00424Safe Water and Infrastructure Action ProgramSupport
    A. 02950Would Include Cellular Services Within the Scope of Local Gross Receipts TaxSupport
    A. 03262-AWould Expand Depository Options for Local GovernmentsSupport
    S. 07057Would Amend Real Property Law Section 339-y and Real Property Tax Law Section 581Support
    A. 08731Would Exempt Local Governments Outside NYC from Paying the Mobility TaxSupport
  • Government Operations
    bill# title position
    A. 00507Electronically Submitted Absentee Ballot ApplicationsSupport
    A. 01261Expansion of Prevailing WageOppose
    A. 01718Online Publication of Public NoticesSupport
    A. 01820Levy Fines on Property TaxesSupport
    A. 07491Authorizes Additional Associate Village JusticeSupport
    A. 07997Village Incorporation ProcessOppose
    A. 08201Omits Wireless Equipment from Real Property TaxationOppose
    A. 08411Village Incorporation ProcessOppose