NYCOM's Legislative Action Center provides you with timely information on various bills affecting local governments, especially between the months of January and June when the State Legislature is in session. Here you can see the bill language, obtain the current status of the bill, and view NYCOM's memorandum in support or opposition.

  • Community Revitalization
    bill# title position
    S. 01864Would Shorten the Redemption Period for Tax Delinquent Abandoned PropertiesSupport
    S. 05079-AWould Authorize Local Governments to Compel Mortgagees to Complete the Foreclosure ProcessSupport
  • Energy and Environment
    bill# title position
    S. 03337-CWould Impose a Statute of Limitations for Water SupplySupport
  • Employee Relations
    bill# title position
    S. 00456-BWould Give Certain Public Employees the Right to Sue Their Employer for Allegations of Unfair and Biased Compensation StructuresOppose
    S. 01866-BWould Increase the Amount of Money an Employee Can Earn in a Position of Public Service to $35,000Support
    S. 03247-BWould Authorize Certain Law Enforcement Officers and Firefighters to Possess and Administer EpinephrineSupport
    S. 05291Would Grant Civil Service Reduction in Force and Recall Provisions to Labor and Non Competitive Class PositionsOppose
    S. 06524Would Impose Fire Chief Training RequirementsOppose
    A. 08003Would Raise the Mandatory Retirement Age for Certain Members of the New York State and Local Police and Fire Retirement SystemOppose
  • Finance
    bill# title position
    S. 2394Would Restrict Retainage Payments by Public Entities When a Building is Substantially CompletedOppose
    S. 4048-AWould Increase the Reimbursement Rate for Cities that Maintain State Arterial HighwaysSupport
  • Government Operations
    bill# title position
    A. 00117-AWould Prohibit Telemarketing Sales Calls During State of EmergencySupport
    S. 05294-AWould Authorize Electric Bicycles and Scooters in New York State While Preserving Local Government Authority to Regulate Such VehiclesSupport