Citizen's Leadership College (2001 LGAA)

City of Albany (Winner)
County: Albany County
Population: 50,000 +
City Hall: (518) 434-5100

The mayor and the City of Albany in an effort to offer a forum in which individuals could learn about the daily operations, policies, and objectives of city government, established and implemented the Citizens' Leadership College.

This progressive and interactive program consisted of seven individual evening sessions conducted once a week in the spring. An introductory session led by the Mayor outlined the City's Charter, governing structure and general operating budget, and major policy goals and objectives for the administration. Each session featured two or three individual City departments. The final session included an overall review and an opportunity for participants to provide written critiques and comments on presentations. Participants were actively recruited via public service announcements, the municipal web page, mailings, and were given certificates of appreciation upon completion of the program. The program became a valuable management and community outreach program for the City of Albany.