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There is much to be learned from the successes of your local government peers. This user-friendly, searchable database features award winning programs and entries from NYCOM's Local Government Achievement Awards and archives of the Main Street and Pride in Public Works awards. Summaries and contact information for these projects from cities and villages throughout New York State are now readily available for you to explore.

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"All About the Place"

Posted in Arts, Recreation, and Culture


Municipality: Rockville Centre
County: Nassau County
Population: 10,000 to 50,000
Type: Village

2016 Local Government Achievement Award

Village Hall: (516) 678-9300

The Village of Rockville Centre introduced a village-wide video contest themed, “I Love Rockville Centre,” which encouraged residents to showcase what they love about the Village. The project served as a great public relations vehicle and created an atmosphere of friendly competition and camaraderie, while producing positive, no-cost public relations content for the Village's television channel, as well as several thousand ‘hits’ on You-Tube.

Peekskill Bay Greenway

Posted in Community and Economic Development


Municipality: Peekskill
County: Westchester County
Population: 10,000 to 50,000
Type: City

2016 Local Government Achievement Award

City Hall: (914) 737-3400

In 1998, Scenic Hudson and the City of Peekskill partnered to acquire a vacant, underutilized 4.4 acre industrial waterfront property. The NYS Brownfields Program funded environmental remediation and shoreline stabilization of this property, locally known as Peekskill Landing. Then in 2009, Peekskill completed a Waterfront Park and Trail Master Plan with extensive public input and funding assistance from NYS Department of State and Ginsburg Development Companies. The public was engaged in park and trail design through the charrettes process, and the City was awarded grants from Empire State Development (ESD), Department of State, and the Office of Parks and Recreation to construct and open the beautifully landscaped ADA accessible “Scenic Hudson Park at Peekskill Landing” in 2014. In 2015, the second phase of the ESD grant was used to implement the Waterfront Master Plan, by constructing a mile-long ADA accessible multi-use waterfront trail and three-acre Riverfront Green South Park. This trail provides pedestrian access between two existing heavily used parks, and links them with the adjacent Metro North train station.

Yonkers Consolidation Program

Posted in Public Management, Governing, and Administration


Municipality: Yonkers
County: Westchester County
Population: 50,000+
Type: City

2016 Local Government Achievement Award

City Hall: (914) 377-6300

The City of Yonkers (COY) - Yonkers Board of Education (BOE) Consolidation Program (Yonkers Consolidation), is a first-of-its-kind, large-scale merger of the administrative operations of two distinct municipal entities, resulting in greater operational efficiencies and economies of scale to both the organizations and the stakeholders in which they serve. In a period of less than one year, the City of Yonkers successfully guided the merger of five non-academic, administrative departments of the Yonkers Board of Education into the City of Yonkers government. The merger consisted of the transfer of 52 BOE employees to the City government, including the completion of desk audits, title adjustments, changes to labor affiliation and co-location of newly consolidated departments; and permanently assumed $9 million worth of administration functions into the City government.

Natural Gas Utility

Posted in Public Works


Municipality: Hamilton
County: Madison County
Population: Less than 5,000
Type: Village

2016 Local Government Achievement Award

Village Hall: (315) 824-1111

In 2010, the Village of Hamilton Board of Trustees and the Municipal Utilities Commission were approached by the three largest employers within the Village limits, requesting that a feasibility study be done to determine whether there was an economic and environmental benefit by bringing natural gas to the Village and surrounding communities. The study revealed that offering an alternative heating option would help reduce costs and the carbon footprint of the community. In 2012, a public referendum was approved, allowing the Village Board of Trustees to create a Municipally Owned and Operated Natural Gas Utility.