Inspire Community Leadership Conference

Municipality: Geneva
County: Ontario County
Population: 10,001 to 50,000
Type: City

2017 Local Government Achievement Award

City Hall: (315) 789-2603

Geneva’s Office of Neighborhood Initiatives developed the Inspire Community Leadership Conference. The program was conducted over an afternoon in the fall of 2016 and drew approximately 100 attendees.

Featuring a traditional conference format at a neighborhood scale, the conference opened with an exhibition hall featuring information tables from neighborhood associations and city departments, as well as an opportunity for attendees to meet with their Councilmember.

The bulk of the program was a keynote address and accompanying breakout sessions. The keynote featured a local entrepreneur who challenged the attendees to get involved in shaping the future of their neighborhoods and community. Breakout sessions provided attendees with opportunities to gain information on specific areas of city operations. These included: 1. Social Justice and Race. 2. Neighborhood Association Operations. 3. Play. 4. Civic Engagement. 5. Event Planning. 6. College-City Relationships.

The total cost for the event was approximately $1,000 and participants were charged $20 each, which included a program binder and dinner. The city offered a limited number of scholarships to those in need. This program facilitated a two-way discussion, offering residents information on a multitude of offerings by the city and our partners, and providing the city with insights into what is attractive and not attractive to residents in terms of our programs and facilities. We have utilized this feedback to mold our current programs and create new programming to support resident needs, and continue to make Geneva an attractive community.

It is our intent to make this an annual event, and to communicate it in such a manner as to grow the attendance and diversify programming each year. The next installment of the event will be in the fall of 2017.