Performing Arts Gazebo (2014 LGAA)

Village of Sea Cliff
County: Nassau County
Population: Less than 5,000
Village Hall: (516) 671-0090

This project was the designing and building of a Performing Arts Gazebo at Sea Cliff Beach in the Village of Sea Cliff. It included the expansion of the Beach Pavilion building and the creation of a state of the art commercial kitchen.

For years there were Friday night concerts at the beach with inadequate facilities to properly accomodate the performers. In discussions with the local bands, the Village developed a concept for a seperate open design building with built-in lighting, electric, and sound system where bands could perform, plays could be performed, and outdoor events could be hosted. At the same time the existing pavilion building did not have the space or equipment for a food concessionaire to work in. The Village formed a group of community members to address these concerns and had a local architect design a seperate Performing Arts Gazebo on the beach, as well as an addition to the existing Pavilion building for a kitchen.

This community space hosts free concerts, local actor performances, family fun days, adults-only dinner, and 'plug in' live music. The food concessionaire stays open during the events so families can enjoy dinner and snacks on these evenings. This is a venue that is not only "at" the beach - it is "on" the beach. The entirety of the project was paid for from private foundations, local committees and a Nassau County grant at no cost to the taxpayers.