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Area Served:  Entire State

The New York State Conference of Mayors has partnered with Computel Consultants to bring you our NYCOM USA program. This no-risk "Utility Savings Audit" provides your city or village with a utility billing analysis that identifies, corrects and secures refunds for overcharges on telecommunications, electric and natural gas bills, or underpayments of gross receipts tax revenues. The program also includes a cable franchise audit service that will obtain franchise fee underpayments, while also advising you on how to maximize franchise fee revenue and assisting you in cable franchise renewal negotiations.

Your Utility Savings Audit will be performed by Computel Consultants, a New York company whose staff has over 40 years of combined experience in securing maximum refunds for their clients.

There are no upfront costs for this service and if a refund is not secured for your municipality, there is no charge. When a refund is secured, you pay Computel a one-time fee – at a reduced rate for NYCOM members – but only after you have received the refund. Your municipality then retains the entire amount of all future savings received as a result of ongoing billing corrections resulting from the Utility Savings Audit.