Municipal Insurance

New York Municipal Insurance Program (NYMIR)

In the late 1980s, New York's municipalities faced an insurance crisis and were often unable to obtain insurance coverage that was both comprehensive and affordable. Responding to the needs of their member communities, in – 1993 the State's three municipal associations – NYCOM, The Association of Towns of the State of New York and the New York State Association of Counties – created the New York Municipal Insurance Reciprocal (NYMIR).

NYMIR is a licensed, regulated insurance company that is owned by its member municipalities located throughout New York State, and is governed by a Board comprised of municipal officials. The three municipal associations serve as NYMIR's Attorney-In-Fact and are powerful advocates for the company's members. In addition to the fact that NYMIR only insures municipal governments and only operates in New York, the company prides itself on its comprehensive coverage, stable premiums, aggressive defense of claims, and extensive knowledge of municipal issues. These very qualities have been the driving force behind the NYMIR success story and are what have precipitated the company's growth from 26 local government subscribers, in 1993 to more than 880 subscribers today, making it the largest municipal property and casualty underwriter in the State. NYMIR is a classic example of local governments working together to reduce costs, manage risk and gain control of their future.

New York State Municipal Workers' Compensation Alliance (Comp Alliance)

In response to municipalities frustrated with workers' compensation insurance programs that utilized year-end payroll audits to retroactively increase premiums, the New York State Municipal Workers' Compensation Alliance (Comp Alliance) was formed on a simple premise – the premium you are quoted and charged for the year is what you pay.

The Comp Alliance is a group self-insured workers' compensation program that is designed to meet the unique needs of municipalities. Founded in 1994 with eight initial members, with the leadership and support of NYCOM and the Association of Towns, the Comp Alliance now has more than 280 members.

Our Mission is the same today as it was 25 years ago – to protect our members from long-term exposure to costly workers' compensation claims by providing a fiscally sound, comprehensive workers' compensation program that maintains the stable pricing necessary for municipal budgets. We accomplish this by fully funding our liabilities, providing proactive risk management services and diligent claims management services.

Utility Audits


The New York State Conference of Mayors has partnered with Computel Consultants to bring you our NYCOM USA program. This no-risk "Utility Savings Audit" provides your city or village with a utility billing analysis that identifies, corrects and secures refunds for overcharges on telecommunications, electric and natural gas bills, or underpayments of gross receipts tax revenues. The program also includes a cable franchise audit service that will obtain franchise fee underpayments, while also advising you on how to maximize franchise fee revenue and assisting you in cable franchise renewal negotiations.

Your Utility Savings Audit will be performed by Computel Consultants, a New York company whose staff has over 50 years of combined experience in securing maximum refunds for their clients.

There are no upfront costs for this service and if a refund is not secured for your municipality, there is no charge. When a refund is secured, you pay Computel a one-time fee – at a reduced rate for NYCOM members – but only after you have received the refund. Your municipality then retains the entire amount of all future savings received as a result of ongoing billing corrections resulting from the Utility Savings Audit.

More than 100 NYCOM members have already signed up for this program! To learn more about NYCOM USA, contact Computel Consultants at 800-724-9859 or www.computel-consultants.com.

Cooperative Purchasing

New York Municipal Energy Program (NYMEP)

The New York Municipal Energy Program (NYMEP) is sponsored by NYCOM and the NYS Association of Towns, offering cities, villages and towns a shared services platform for purchasing Electricity & Natural Gas through a cost-efficient energy cooperative program. For more information, please call our program administrator, Good Energy, at (518) 514-2798.

OMNIA Partners

OMNIA Partners is the cooperative purchasing organization that is driving excellence in local government procurement. Its unmatched breadth of competitively-solicited contracts from world-class suppliers streamlines the purchasing process and helps local government agencies achieve their strategic goals.