NYCOM is governed by an Executive Committee comprised of sixteen voting members: fifteen mayors from member cities and villages, and one official representing a NYCOM affiliate organization. Four mayoral members of the Executive Committee are annually elected to serve as officers of NYCOM. The Immediate Past President of NYCOM is a voting member of the Executive Committee, while all other Past Presidents still in office as mayor remain on the Executive Committee as ex-officio members.


Gary R. McCarthy
Robert T. Kennedy
First Vice President
Richard C. David
Second Vice President
Kathy M. Sheehan
James J. Miccio
Immediate Past President


William J. Aiello
Bill de Blasio
Scott M. Burto
Robert C. Corby
Howard M. Frawley
Jerry Fremouw
Francis X. Murray
Svante L. Myrick
Paul V. Pontieri
Ben Walsh

Affiliate Representatives

Past Presidents: Ex-Officio

Thomas M. Roach
Richard B. Milne
Gary A. Vegliante
Samuel Teresi
Ellen Polimeni