Village of Ballston Spa

 "Ballston Spa Approves Housing Grant Applications" | Municipal Bulletin | Summer 2013

The Trustees of the Village of Ballston Spa unanimously approved a grant application of approximately $400,000 for a successful program that has so far netted over $2 million for village residents seeking grants for home improvements.

Mayor John Ramano said that in 2003 the Village commissioned a consultant to develop a Strategic Economic Development Revitalization plan for village homeowners use of $20,000 grants for home improvements. The first goal in the strategic plan, based on five public meetings, was that the village work to improve the condition of commercial multi-family residential properties, with the initial focus on downtown. The eventual objective is to expand the efforts on a village-wide basis.

"To accomplish these goals, the Village applied for housing rehabilitation grants from the New York State HOME Program, administered by the New York State Housing Trust Fund Corporation. The Village has successfully received five grants totaling over $2 million," said Ramano.

Ramano said the grants are based on income level and allow homeowners to make improvements to their property. The New York State HOME Program prioritizes the improvements. The first priority is health and safety improvements, then energy and safety improvements and
finally exterior protection and interior improvements, especially to bathrooms. 

"These grants are extremely important and extremely successful," Ramano said. "It's been a very successful program."

"In total, there will be over 96 housing units that will have been rehabilitated by these grants. In addition, $21,000 has been invested by homeowners to make their own renovations not covered under these grants." - Mayor Ramano