City of Long Beach

"Aftermath of Hurricane Sandy – City of Long Beach is Thankful for the Miracle of... Christmas Trees" | Municipal Bulletin | Winter 2013

NYCOM member, the City of Long Beach, was one of the most devastated communities following Super Storm Sandy this past October. Recovery and restoration continue to be underway not only by the efforts of local officials but with help from the residents that live in the 'City by the Sea.'

Several residents proposed placing trees in the dunes to help restore the dunes ruined by Hurricane Sandy. Sand dunes are the first line of defense for coastal communities and according to Jim LaCarrubba, Director of Public Works for the City of Long Beach. "Many areas lost three to five feet in elevation on the beach leaving the City more vulnerable to storms." City officials approved the plan that should allow the dunes to gradually reform using the trees as an anchor. Over 100 volunteers placed 3,000 Christmas trees arranged on the beach with their tops facing the surf to catch the sand blowing from all directions. The trees were donated by Home Depot and from the residents of Long Beach.

"It was a nice healing thing for residents to do to contribute to our protection," Jack Schnirman, City Manager, City of Long Beach.

NYCOM would like to extend our continued support to the communities that were affected by Hurricane Sandy.

Some of the content for this article was taken from The New York Times article, "On Decimated Shore, a Second Life for Christmas Trees," February 3, 2013.